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Families Stay Longer And Spend More

Family Shopping Programs

Aisleworx is all about working with retail partners to improve the shopping experience for families….. and making extra profits for retailers at the same time.

Our main program is the Funcart program. Electronic shopping carts for families that are the culmination of 10 years of development and 30 million customer experiences.

Our business model is simple: we supply, operate, monitor and repair FunCarts in retail stores. Our program will involve children so their parents have a better shopping experience, they stay longer and spend more.

Get Families Into Your Store!

The Aisleworx programs will get more families to come more often to your store. Suddenly shopping with the family is fun again – children are entertained and involved, parents are relaxed, other customers are entertained and the whole store is more peaceful.

With more competitors and more online retailers targeting your customers, this FunCart program provides a powerful reason for families to come to your store. It’s fun, it’s free and it makes you money!

What The Program Offers

Each FunCart has an interior screen that plays world-class entertainment from children’s favorite characters. But the concept is more than just an entertaining screen for kids – it’s the entire fun, shopping experience – kids taking mom and dad for a shop in their personal car.  Kids say “it’s my own car made for me, with my own special screen. This is fun! I don’t get bored. Next time, I want to do this again!”

The program has proven in multiple studies to involve children, improve the family shopping experience and allow parents to stay longer and spend more.

The FunCart Program

We have made this program very, very easy to have in your store. The key elements are:

  • FunCarts recover all costs and make a profit for your store.
  • We undertake all FunCart maintenance in a comprehensive guarantee for 4 years, then we will replace them.
  • We guarantee FunCarts against theft.
  • We upgrade and freshen content every 6 months.
  • Each FunCart links into the internet so we can remotely monitor and service them to back up our instore service program.
  • We provide comprehensive reporting on FunCarts each quarter.

Family Shoppers Stay Longer And Spend More

Our retail partners have researched our program many times over the years, and the facts are constant:




Families Stay 15% Longer In Store

From 10 to 17 extra shopping minutes per visit!



Families Spend 20% More

From $7 to $21 extra spend per visit!



Families Come More Often To Your Store!

89% of families say having the FunCart program was a important to very important part of their decision to come to your store.



FunCarts Make A Profit
New Revenue Turns A Cost Center Into A Profit Center

The chain makes money in several ways from the FunCart program .  With an extra $7 to $21 on a average spend food sales alone make an extra $15,000 per year, so three FunCarts in a store will make over $45,000 in extra food sales. But that’s not the big thing. The big thing is the top screen now means that the cart can recover its cost and make a profit through messages from the brand partners, who also drive even more sales via their messages. Normally carts cost $98 per month. Now ALL the costs can be covered and in most cases the carts will generate an extra incremental profit via media share of revenue. This high quality family entertainment program  becomes FREE for your stores and for your customers!

Families Are Safer

With over 23,000 hospitalizations of young children in accidents to do with shopping carts, the traditional cart can be dangerous to young children. The main problem is with children standing up inside a cart, and falling down onto concrete or solid floors. FunCarts solve that problem. A recent major study on this important issue made several recommendations, but the most important was:

  • Locate children closer to the floor. 2 inches is safe; 3 feet is not.

Keep your families safe! Reduce accidents in store! Make sure that you have the FunCart program available for your customers.

Further reading:

Washington Post: 24,000 Kids Hurt Annually In Shopping Cart Accidents

Newswise: 66 Children A Day Treated In US Emergency Depts

Families Love FunCarts!

This is probably the most popular initiative for families that you will introduce to stores. Check out our feedback.

Families likely form 86% of your customer base, and over 12% of your customers will have a child between 1 and 6 with them when they shop. Our program not only makes it easier and more fun, many of our users say ‘’this is the only way to shop!”. It’s not only great for your families, its great for all customers who are both entertained by having the FunCarts in the store, but the stores are quieter and more peaceful for all your customers.

Aisleworx, The Company

Founded in 1999, we have been at the forefront of electronic shopping carts and keeping families happy for 15 years. We have worked in four countries, with over 30 supermarket and department store chains including Walmart, Kroger, Safeway and Albertsons. Our carts have generated over 30 million customer rides – and a lot of happier parents and children!  We owe our position to several factors: our management group and team are the world’s most experienced, our service teams are well trained, our technology and remote management systems are the best, and our focus on the customer experience  means that we always have the end user in mind (we’re parents too!)

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